The internationally recognised measure for sustainability in the field of waste processing is the five-step waste hierarchy. It defines an order of priorities, with the more environmentally-friendly options at the top.

PREVENTION: preventing waste, with the emphasis on a more efficient and less environmentally harmful use and consumption of materials via modified production and consumption patterns.

REUSE: using products and materials again in the waste stage for the same purpose or a similar purpose
to that for which they were originally intended.

RECYCLING: the processing of waste materials into raw materials, to be used again for the production of new products.

RECOVERY: priority is given to the incineration of waste with energy recovery.

DISPOSAL: landfilling may only be considered as a final option.

Importance of Textile Recycling

Textile recycling is for both, environmental and economic benefits. It avoids many polluting and energy intensive processes that are used to make textiles from fresh materials.
Demand is reduced for textile chemicals like dyes and fixing agents.
The requirement of landfill space is reduced. Textiles lead to many problems in landfill. Synthetic fibers don’t decompose. Woolen garments do decompose but produce methane, which contributes to global warming.
Leads to balance of payments as we buy fewer materials for our requirements.
As fibers get locally available, they don’t have to be transported from abroad thus reducing pollution and saving energy.
Lesser energy is consumed while processing, as items don’t need to be re-dyed or scoured.
Waste water reduces as it does not have to be thoroughly washed with large volumes of water as it is done for, say, raw wool.
Pressure on fresh resources too is reduced.

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